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Serendipity paid for Luke's tuition and now he is a graduate mining surveyor.


"My name is Luke Paul Andepa 27 years old am currently a graduate mine surveyor at Porgera Gold mine in Papua New Guinea."
“My dad passed away in 2007 “
“After his burial I told myself one day I will be a mine surveyor just like you and I promised to myself. He left us with five boys including myself and two sisters with three wives.”
“My mums remain and took care of us."
“After two years 2017 my mum died one week before my final year 12 exam.”
“I always had faith that I will still go to University to Study Surveying that’s my life time goal despite losing both parents.”
“In 2010 I have received an acceptance letter from Papua New Guinea University of Technology to Study Surveying. That time I didn’t have money to pay my tuition fee. My family neglected me as an orphan.”
“The SEEF continue to Support my tuition fee so I continue to study hard to get good grades to pass my semesters. Life was tough I had no pocket money to survive in the campus so I would sell biscuits to buy my stationaries.”
“In 2015 I graduated with Bachelor of surveying with the support of SEEF. Straight after graduation Porgera Joint Venture interview me and I was successful to take up the position as Open Pit graduate Mine Surveyor.”

Luke's Story: Our Causes
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